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How To Get Started With Your Avon!

(New Avon Rep Training)

Exclusive training for "Avon Team Beauties" created by Avon Advisor Dianne Hernandez

Welcome To Avon Beauty Boss!   As a new Avon Rep you probably have lots of questions on how to get started and what to do next and I'm sure your super excited and anxious to jump right in!

This is the place to get started with your Avon. 

These important steps will help you get up & running in no time and help you get familiar with your new Avon Business. 

You can view each lesson at your own convenience and as you go over the training make sure to jot down any questions you have, or if you need clarification.  Then you can either text, email  or Facebook Messenger me with your questions,  if you've signed on with me as your Avon Advisor, and on my Avon Team (Team Beauties). 

So let's jump right in!  You can view each module in order or pick and choose when needed.  Either way going thru the entire training series will be beneficial regardless of the order you view them. You'll also want to save this page to your favorites for future reference!

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