When it comes to Avon Leadership there’s A LOT to go over but as you start this new aspect in your Avon business the best way to get familiar with it is by just jumping in and learning as you go!

In this training we'll go over the basic things you should know as you start your Avon Leadership Journey. 

1) How to Share the Avon Opportunity
2) How to Sign Up A New Rep
3) New Rep Incentives to Help Them Get Started
4) Downloads & Guides Help You Get Familiar with Avon Leadership

First watch the following video then download the guides mentioned in the video below.

First Things First: Avon Leadership Basics  

Download Avon's Leadership Guide & the BeautyReps4Success Quick Guide To Leadership.  

These two guides will help you get familiar with the basics of Avon Leadership.  In the Avon Guide you'll get familiar with Avon's Leadership Compensation plan and in the BeautyReps Quick Guide you'll get straight to the point info you can use right now.

Avon Leadership Download
Avon Leadership Guide

Click to Download

BeautyReps4Success Quick Guide

Click to Download

How To Share the Avon Opportunity 

There are lots of different ways to share the Avon Opportunity.  From going out and intentionally prospecting to just having a one on one casual conversation with a friend or family member.  It's all up to you how you share, and the style you feel most comfortable with.  But regardless how you share eventually you'll want to share your Avon opportunity page to sign up.  

Every Avon Representative has their own personal opportunity page and leading your prospects to this page will ensure they are assigned under you.  You can find your personal opportunity link over at your AvonNow Dashboard.  Just log in then click MANAGE BUSINESS > MARKETING > RECRUITING ESSENTIALS. (update since video 2022)

From there you can simply copy the page url and share the link with those who are interested.


In addition to sharing your Avon Opportunity link you can also pass out flyers or tuck into your Avon Brochures.
You can download and print the flyers below.

Avon Opportunity Flyers

Download:  Flyer 1  | Flyer 2 |

Helping New Reps To Get Started

Helping your New Rep to get started is super important and can also be intimidating if you yourself is also fairly new to Avon, or new to leadership.  There's no need to worry though, as your Avon Advisor I'm here to help you get your New Rep started.  I will personally contact them with our Team Training info as well as keep them in the loop with our bi-weekly Team Updates.

Well I hope this has been helpful and of course as questions come up feel free to reach out.

About the author, Dianne Hernandez

Hi, I'm Dianne Hernandez, Ive been an Avon Representative since 2010 and a National Top seller specializing in online sales through my Avon Representative eStore.

I'd love to share the tips & strategies that have helped me grow my business and answer any questions you may have. So let's get acquainted and let's connect :)
For questions on Becoming An Avon Representative you can contact me at Dianne@BeautyReps4Success.com or text or call me at (562) 967-1473.
If you're ready and can hardly wait to sign up, then by all means let's get you started! Just visit this link Become An Avon Rep Now.

Once you submit the online form you'll hear from me shortly either by text, email or phone to welcome you to Avon!