Avon Family

As you become more active with Avon you’ll have the opportunity to meet other Avon Reps locally and nationally through Local Meetings & Events, Social Media Support Groups, Online Webinars, Avon trips and Conventions if you choose to attend!  

Through all these social channels you'll find inspiration through other Rep's struggles and victories. Plus, how the Avon journey has brought on new levels of confidence and empowerment!

One Team One Avon

Avon Reps Are A Family!  We Support, Encourage & Celebrate One Another!

It's up to you how involved you want to be, but one easy way to get to know other Avon Reps and get support is through Facebook Groups!  There's a whole Avon Nation out there!  All you have to do is join to get connected!   In these groups you can ask questions about your Avon business, get tips from other reps and make new friends!

Here Are Few Facebook Groups You Might Find Helpful:


The first group you'll want to join is our Team Facebook Group! This group is exclusively for our Team Beauties Team.  This is the fastest way we can all communicate as a team so please join  for Avon updates, training & tips and getting to know one another.


This is another group of mine open to all Avon Reps whether they're on my team or not. In this group you'll find Tips , How-To's and "Live "Trainings on how to Sell Avon Online.

Social Selling By Avon

This is Avon's official group and is the companion group to the Avon Social module you have over at your AvonNow Dashboard.  You'll find tips and how to's on how to share your Avon on social media.

About the author, Dianne Hernandez

Hi, I'm Dianne Hernandez, Ive been an Avon Representative since 2010 and a National Top seller specializing in online sales through my Avon Representative eStore.

I'd love to share the tips & strategies that have helped me grow my business and answer any questions you may have. So let's get acquainted and let's connect :)
For questions on Becoming An Avon Representative you can contact me at Dianne@BeautyReps4Success.com or text or call me at (562) 967-1473.
If you're ready and can hardly wait to sign up, then by all means let's get you started! Just visit this link Become An Avon Rep Now.

Once you submit the online form you'll hear from me shortly either by text, email or phone to welcome you to Avon!

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