How To Place Your First Avon Order For Avon Reps

Introduction: How To Place Your First Avon Order 

IMPORTANT: Make sure to watch this video as it will Save you on shipping expense!

In this video we talk about:

  • Key things to keep in mind about the Avon Order process and how it works.
  • Plus HOW TO SAVE ON SHIPPING COST by placing only 1 Order per campaign!

How To Place Your Avon Order

Watch this quick step-by-step video for start to finish details!

In this video you'll learn how to:

  • How to order Avon Business Tools
  • How to  order Avon Demos:
  • How to order Avon Samples
  • How to order Future Avon Brochures

*A Side Note About Avon Business Tools

Avon demos & Business tools

When you're placing your Avon customer order you'll also want to include your own personal order as well as Avon Business tools.  These items would include your bags, samples, demos and brochures etc.

 Although you won't receive a commission (discount) on Avon Business Tools they do count towards your total campaign order along with your personal & customer sales.  Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Avon Brochures:
As mentioned in a previous training, your Avon Brochure is considered your entire store and one of the most important business tools you have.  You should order your brochures at least 2 campaigns in advance.  This will give Avon time to ship them,and for you to pass them out.   

Ordering brochures that coincide with newest What's New Demo book is a good way to determine which campaigns to purchase.

Avon Demos: 
You'll have the opportunity to purchase products debuting in future campaigns from Avon's "What's New" demo book.  You can order 10 of each product including different colors, sizes etc.

Reminder For New Reps!!

If this will be your very first order make sure to take advantage of the Avon's FREE GIFT INCENTIVE by placing a $60 order.   Sales tools, plus your personal & Customer Order can be included with this very first order!