Keeping up-to-date and on top of Avon news and information is super important!

So in this video we talk about:

  • The importance of keeping up with Avon info for your business
  • How to set up your Avon email preferences
  • How to set up Avon text notifications
  • How to feel and be part of the Avon community
  • How to get training and info for our team.

Hello Team Beauties,

Today we're going to talk about how to get Avon news and updates that's going to help you manage and grow your business.   As an Avon Rep, even though you're in business for yourself and you're your own boss, you're not in it alone.  You have support and Avon does a really great job in communicating all the info you need when it comes to your Avon business.

Whether it regarding a new incentive coming out, campaign updates or news that will effect your business,  Avon does their best to get that info out to you.  But they can only do so much, the rest is up to you on how you receive that info and how often you check-in for updates.

How to Set Up Avon Email Preferences

Setting Up Your Avon Email Preferences

One way that Avon communicates is through the email address that you signed up with, so checking your email at least once a day or every couple of days will ensure you're getting the Avon news & updates important to your business.   To ensure you're receiving all the updates Avon sends out you'll want to log into your Avon Dashboard over at and set up your Email Preferences.

To set up your Avon email preferences jut login to and under the My Account Tab just click My Profile and scroll all the way down to Email Preference (view the video above for complete directions).  Once you check all the boxes available Avon will start sending you updates about Avon Training, Upcoming Events, as well as Campaign updates.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to email.  If this is the same email address you use on brochures and your current customers, you'll definitely want to make sure to check it often so you don't miss any customer messages.

Getting Avon Notifications by Text

Avon Notifications Get Notified by Text

Another option available for Avon updates is by text.  This is a quick easy way to get updates on the go but from my experience these updates are limited and not as consistent as the email updates.  So if you decide to opt-in for text notifications I would still set up your email preferences as well to ensure you get all Avon updates.

To get notified by text just navigate to, click My Account and under My Profile all the way down the page just click Text Messages Preferences. (view the video above for complete directions)

Avon Beauty Buzz Newsletter

Avon Beauty Buzz

In addition to emails and texts, Avon also provides a weekly newsletter for all Avon Representatives.  The Avon Beauty Buzz comes out every Monday and can be found over at YourNow Dashboard over at under the "NEWS" tab.   Avon will also send out an email on Monday mornings announcing the new edition so make sure to check your inbox every Monday morning.  

The Avon Beauty Buzz keeps you in Avon loop on upcoming events like Avon's online Monthly Sales meetings, Web Office updates & outages, Inventory updates,  New Incentives and basically everything that can help grow, or impact your Avon business.

Follow Avon USA Representatives on Facebook

Follow Avon USA Representatives

As mentioned earlier, as an Avon Representative, though you're in business for yourself you aren't in it alone! In fact you have a whole network of Avon Reps out there who would love to support and encourage you on your Avon Journey!  Facebook has a way of making the world smaller and the more active you are on Facebook the easier it will be to connect with other Avon Reps.  

To start, connecting with Avon's Official Avon Representative Facebook page, Avon USA Representatives will help you feel you're part of something bigger.  Over at Avon's Facebook page you'll find product tips  & info, Facebook Lives, Campaign selling tips, exclusive giveaways and more.  So I encourage you to "LIKE" this page and check in every so often and become part of Avon's Active Community.

Support From Your Avon Advisor @BeautyReps4Success

Join our Team Facebook Group BeautyReps4Success

And lastly, but certainly not least, as your Avon Advisor I'll also send info to you via email & texts as well.  Whether it's training info, campaign or account reminders or kudos for doing a great job, I try my best to be helpful and resourceful..  

As I try to limit the group texts I send out the easiest way to get Avon info out to our team (Team Beauties) is through our Facebook BeautyReps4Success Group so I encourage you to join our private Team Group.

In our team group you'll find Avon Selling Tips, Online Training as well as important info regarding your Avon business so I encourage you to visit our Team Facebook Group every couple of days to see the new info posted.

Avon Selling Tips & Training

While you're there, make sure to visit the UNITS Section! This is the learning section of our group where you'll find exclusive Avon Team Training, Selling Tips & Ideas to help grow your business.

I encourage you to participate in the group with your own selling tips and ideas that could be helpful for your fellow Team members.  The more active this group is the more resourceful it will be so feel free to participate and leave your comments and questions there as well so you can get to know the other Avon Reps on our team.  And if you could do me a favor, whenever you see a post if you would like it that will help me know everyone is seeing the info I'm posting.

Ok, Team Beauties!  I hope this helped!  If you have questions or need help just give me a holler.

About the author, Dianne Hernandez

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