How To Log In To Your Avon Dashboard

How To Set Up Your Avon Dashboard

Hey there Team Beauty!   The Avon Dashboard is where you manage your business. This is where you'll order brochures & sales tools, place customer orders as well as your own personal order.

If you are a new representative and this is the very first time logging in you can view the quick 2-minute videos below on how to sign in.  

 If you're aren't a new rep and having trouble logging into your Avon Now Dashboard as of December 2021 this has been a common issue since Avon has a new sign in process.  So hopefully the following troubleshooting steps and video below will help you get in.

How To Sign-in On Your Laptop / Desktop

How To Sign-in On Your Mobile Device

1) First, you'll need to go to to log into your Avon account. Click the "Sign In" link at the top of the page.  You'll want to use use your Avon Account Number to initially sign in rather than using your email address or social media account to .  

2) Avon will then ask you to enter your email address.  Make sure you enter the email address you have on file when you joined Avon.

3) Avon will send a PASS CODE to that email.  It may take a few minutes to receive the email so while you're waiting for the code from Avon make sure to keep the Avon window open.  

You  might have to open another tab to check your email if it's web based (hotmail, gmail, etc).   If you don't see an email check our spam/junk or other folders.

** If you close the Avon tab/window before entering the code, that will close the visitor session and it won't except the code emailed to you.  You'll need to start all over again.

4) Once you receive the email with the code go back to the open Avon window and enter in the code.  Make sure there are no extra spaces at the end.

5) You'll then be prompted to create a new password.  Save it as you'll need it to log in going forward.

IMPORTANT. Do not close the Avon window before entering your code. If you close the window before entering the code and open a new window later it won't except the code and you'll need to start over again.

If after following the steps to log in you’re still having issues you’ll need to give Avon a call for specific help with your account. This is Avon’s # (866) 513-2866