How Avon Reps Can Stay Organized With The Avon Beauty Caddy

Here is an Easy way to stay organized while you're out & about working your Avon Business.

​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​A simple and easy way to organize your brochures while out & about
  • ​Tips on Sales tools you ​should have on hand while ​on the go.

Working your Avon Business into your daily schedule is an easy way to grow your business while you're out and about.  Whether you're at work or running errands.  Avon suggests​ sharing your Avon business with at least 5 people a day and handing out at least 5 brochures a day.  

​Doing this can help increase your chance of getting new customers.  So keeping brochures on hand ​​can be helpful and the more organized you are the easier it will be to take advantage of those opportunities that come your way!

In the above video we talk about a simple way to keep all your Avon brochures, samples and bags all in one convenient place and you'll surprised to see what we use to do this!

  • HI! I am a new rep and i appreciate your tips for success! I just need to get organized and out there more to grow my business!!

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