What You Get With Your Avon Membership

Hey New Avon Beauty Boss!  

As you're getting familiar with your new Avon Business it helps to know what your membership includes so you can take full advantage of all the perks!  Knowing what's available and where to find it will help you get off to a great start!  

Below you'll find a quick breakdown of what's included with your Avon membership. Of course Avon has a lot more perks and benefits and in time you'll become more familiar with them as well but we'll start with the most important ones first!

Here's What You Get!

Your Very Own Avon Online Store!


You get your very own turn-key website featuring all the latest Avon products found in the Avon Catalog, ready to receive new customers! 

Your Very Own Avon Web Office!


The Avon back office also know as your Avon Dashboard,  it's designed to help you manage your Avon business.

This is where you'll order Avon brochures, manage your customer address book and place your customer Avon orders as well as your own personal orders.  This is where you'll also manage your online store, get business updates and training.

To access your Avon back office just visit:  Avon.com and click the "sign in" link at the top of the page. View this video for help.

You'll need your Avon Account # and the password you created when you signed up to become an Avon Representative.

PRO TIP: I suggest logging into your AvonNow  Dashboard whenever you have time and just poke around.  Click ALL the links! You won't break anything and the more frequent you visit, the more familiar you'll be with the layout.  You'll also discover all the helpful features available that will help you with your business.

Exclusive Training Presented By Avon!

Avon University

Avon University

As an Avon Representative you'll have access to Avon's free training tools.  You'll discover new ways to share your products online and offline, as well as new methods to help bring you closer to your goals.  

All Avon U training is presented in  5 to 10 minute training modules.  You can access them anytime and anywhere.   You'll want to get started in Avon U as soon as possible as this training will help you build a good foundation for your business.

New representatives who complete Avon's Shortcut For Success training module are 4X more likely to place orders in 7 consecutive campaigns than those who don't complete the onboarding program.  Plus they are 3X more likely to have online sales!

Shortcut For Success was selected  as one of the top 3 programs in the Excellence in Business Training Category  for the 2019 DSA Awards.

How To Access Avon U (Click To View!)

As mentioned these are just few things that come along with your Avon membership.   There are more perks to be revealed soon enough!  But in the meantime, have fun and enjoy the process of getting to know your Avon business.