Avon University: Your Shortcut To Success

Avon University

Exclusive On Demand Training Presented By Avon!

As an Avon Representative you'll have access to Avon's free training tools.  You'll discover new ways to share your products online and offline, as well as new methods to help bring you closer to your goals.  

Avon University

All Avon U training is presented in  5 to 10 minute training modules.  You can access them anytime and anywhere.   You'll want to get started in Avon U as soon as possible as this training will help you build a good foundation for your business.

New representatives who complete AVON U training modules are 4X more likely to place orders in 7 consecutive campaigns than those who don't complete the on-boarding program.  Plus they are 3X more likely to have online sales!

Avon's training for New Representatives was selected  as one of the top 3 programs in the Excellence in Business Training Category  for the 2019 DSA Awards.

"You'll want to start Avon U as soon as possible as this training will help you build a good foundation for your business."

How To Access Avon U

How to access Avon U

To access Avon U you'll need to log into your Avon Dashboard.  You'll find the "Avon U" link on almost every page of your dashboard.

Start These Two Modules First . . .


Once you click the  Avon U link you'll find several modules to help you with your Avon business. 

The first module you'll want to view is the "AVON U - Your Online Learning Tool" module. This is a quick 5 minute overview.   Then you'll want to jump right into the "New Representative Hub" module.

Once you complete those two training modules make sure to poke around to find other training modules that interest to you.   I suggest trying to complete at least one or two modules everyday  and whenever you have downtime.

They're quick & easy and before you know it your new Avon Business will be second nature!