How Do Avon Reps Get Paid?


As an Avon Representative you have the opportunity to earn up to 50% commission on your Avon sales based on Avon's tiered commission chart.  Being an Avon representative can be a very lucrative for those wanting to work from home, at their own pace and time.  There is no fixed hours of work and you can make as much money as you want, depending on your commitment and time you put into it.

Sharing your Avon products is only one of the many ways you can earn from Avon. Below you'll find a quick overview of the different ways you can also earn with Avon.

Three ways to get paid as an Avon representative

Face to Face Sales: 
This is the most popular way to earn.  Your basically sharing  your Avon Brochure with others.  Whether it be family, co-workers, friends or complete strangers, the more you share and get out there the better chances on getting sales.  

How Reps get paid:
1)  When a customer places an order you will charge them the full brochure price and add up their products.  You'll also want to include tax and a small service charge of $1 to $3 to offset the costs of shipping, personal delivery, sale tools etc.  Add those amounts all together and request payment up front.  

2)  You'll then submit all your customer orders including your own personal order (if you have one) and submit it to Avon through your Avon Dashboard as one big order.   Avon will  figure out your commission/discount and subtract that from the total amount due.  New reps start at 25% .   The discounted total, including tax & shipping will be the amount you pay to Avon.  

Any money you have left from what your customers paid you and what you paid Avon are your earnings to keep.

Here's a very simplified example:  
Your customers have paid you a total of $100 for their orders.  You submit the order through your Avon Now Dashboard and Avon bills you $75 (based on 25% commission) .  You now have $25 left from the $100.  That would be your earnings.

You can take a look this page for more details on How to Place Your Avon Representative Order.

Online Sales:
When you become a Representative you get a free online store so you can start sharing your Avon business right away.  All you have to do is share the link.  You can text it, email it and post it on social media and of course share it on all your printed materials as well (brochures, business cards, flyers etc).  

How Reps Get Paid:
First you'll want to set up DIRECT DEPOSIT over at your Avon Now Dashboard > MY ACCOUNT > GET PAID BY AVON.  

Avon Direct Deposit

Avon will notify you when a customer has placed an order thru your online store.  When Avon ships their order, which is about 2 business days, your commission will be deposited into your bank account.  

If you don't have Direct Deposit set up, Avon will issue a credit to your Avon Rep Account which can be used the next time you place an order thru your Avon Now Dashboard.

For a more detailed explanation you can check out The 3 Stages Of Your Avon Online Sales video over at my Online

Beauty Bosses sister site.

Avon Commission Breakdown

Commission for the sales methods shared above are as follows.  Keep in mind, per the commission chart below, Contenders need a minimum $40 in Campaign Sales to earn commission.  The $40 Campaign Sales minimum includes both your customer & personal sales including online and regular face to face sales.

Avon Earnings Charts ( click to view)


President's Recognition Program Level

(for Representatives who sell $10,000 or more per Avon Cycle)


Avon Fundraising
Avon Fundraisers are a great way to help groups and organizations raise funds for their cause.  You decide how much of your commissions you want to offer to the group.  The higher you are on the commission scale the more room you'll have to offer.

How Reps Get Paid
At the end of the fundraiser the organization submits all their orders to you along with the cash raised from their sales.   You submit the large order to Avon and pay for the order with the money the organization gave you.

When you deliver the order to the group you'll also issue the percentage of funds the group is expecting.  If anything is left over then that would be for you.  

More info on Avon Fundraising can be found over at your AvonNow Dashboard under the Earnings & Rewards> Fundraising tab.

Earn More By Sharing the Avon Opportunity:

Another way to earn is by sharing the Avon Opportunity.  As you successfully bring in new team members and build a team you'll receive  commissions from your team sales. You'll also earn sponsoring bonuses as well as bonuses for reaching leadership milestones.

How Reps Get Paid:
Leadership commissions are direct deposited or issued on to an Avon debit card at the end of every campaign. Earnings are based on your team's sales and increase as you reach Leadership milestones!

More info on Avon Leadership can be found over at your AvonNow Dashboard under the Earnings & Rewards > Intro To Leadership tab.

Now this is just a quick overview of how Avon Reps can get paid.  Some reps are active in all 4 area to maximize their earnings, some may work one or two.  It's really all up to you.  As you start getting more familiar with your business you'll learn more in detail how each one works and of course if you questions just ask .  

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