Your Avon Online Store: How It Works

Hello Team Beauties!   As an Avon Representative one of your most powerful selling tools is your online store!  It's absolutely free and it allows you to start selling right away!   You can promote your online store on Social Media, and any other place you share your contact info (brochures, business cards etc.) 

To share your online store all you have to do is visit your store and copy the web address.  Or you can log into your Avon Now Dashboard and click the MY STORE link on just about any page of the site.  

As a new Avon Representative it will take some time to get familiar with everything but the more you know about your online store the better you'll be able to assist your customers.  So in this training we'll talk about

  • Two common questions / scenarios that often comes up 
  • Where to find your online orders
  • Two important options that are often overlooked when setting up the online store up.    

With that said, here are two of the most common New Rep Inquires I get when it comes to online sales:

  1) "My customer said they placed an order at my Online Store but I can't see it!"

The most obvious reason could be the customer's order just didn't go thru.  They either didn't click the submit button or their connection got hung up and the order didn't get submitted.

So first you'll want to ask your customer if they received a confirmation number when they submitted their order.  If they did, perfect!  We're on a warm trail and more than likely you'll be able to locate your customers order by signing into your Avon Now dashboard  and clicking MANAGE BUSINESS > WEB OFFICE .   

2) "My customer said they placed an order at my Online Store but they weren't asked for their billing info!"

Now, if you're customer mentioned they weren't prompted to pay for their order, more than likely they  choose “Representative Delivery” as the method of delivery.  

Over at your online store there are two delivery options your customers can select. 

Keep reading to find out the differences between the two and how to select your preference!


This option is a convenient way for your local customers to shop 24/7 without having to contact you to place their order.  When online customers select this option their order is sent to your Avon Now Dashboard.   You would retrieve the order as mentioned.  at  MANAGE BUSINESS > WEB OFFICE page.   If you see a number by the link that says "New Order(s) In Cart" that means someone shopped your online store and chose "Representative Delivery"

To view the order just click the link and you'll see your new customer order.  You'll want to contact your customer to confirm you received their order and to let them know the total order amount due and when you plan to deliver it.

TIP:  For local deliveries, you can request payment from your customer before you submit the order to Avon.  Many reps use payment apps like PayPal, Venmo or CashApp.

Representative Delivery orders submitted through your online store are treated just like your regular face to face (in person) orders.   You will submit them along with your other campaign orders and deliver them to your customer personally. 

If you haven't placed an order yet with Avon, make sure to view "How to Place Your First Avon Order" before doing so.

TIP: If the customer is further than you'd like to deliver you can delete the order from your Web Office and ask the customer to resubmit their online order using the Direct Delivery option instead (explained below).  But first, before deleting the order you might want to make a copy of the order just in case the customer forgot what they ordered and you need to send it to them!  This happens quite often!

DIRECT DELIVERY ORDERS ( for out of area customers as well as local customers)

When you're checking your Avon Web Office for orders if you see a number by the "Direct Delivery" link that means a customer placed an order thru your online store and selected the Direct Delivery option.  You can click the link to view the order but other than that, there is nothing else for you to do.  Avon does the rest for you!

When a customer selects Direct Delivery at checkout they will be prompted to enter their billing info to pay for the order when they submit it.  Avon will process the order & ship it directly to them.  FYI:  Once an order is submitted Avon cannot adjust the order so there is no adding or revising the order after it's been submitted.

Shipping Fees:
Your customer should receive their order within 4 to 7 business day.   If the customer order is under $60 they will  pay an $8+ shipping fee.   If the order is $60 or more they will get "Complimentary FREE Shipping from their Avon Representative". This means you will pay a portion of the shipping cost and it will be deducted from your commission.

Now although shipping fees will affect your commission take into consideration, with Direct Delivery orders, Avon does the "heavy lifting " for you. They fulfill and ship the order directly to your customer so there is nothing else left for you to do, other than maybe sending a personal Thank You email or Note by "snail mail",  and of course following up with them regularly for future orders.

TIP: To figure out how much commission you'll make on a Direct Delivery order you can use the Avon Commission Calculator over at my Online Beauty Bosses blog.  


If you'd like to cut down on your personal deliveries, offering your customers Direct Delivery only is the easiest way to go.  On my online store I have the Representative Delivery option turned off so customers shopping my online store only have one choice, to pay for their order upfront and have Avon ship it directly to them.  I've been doing this for years and it's worked out  great for me.

Here's how you can turn this feature off:

1)  Go to your Avon Web Office and click the "Personalization Tools" link

2) Click "Customer Preferences" and select "Direct Delivery Only" then "Save".

From here on out any orders that come thru your online store should be Direct Delivery orders.  Avon will fulfill and ship them directly to your customers. 

Now that was easy, right?  Remember to promote your online store consistently and often!  Share your web address on all your catalog labels, business cards, signs, posters, flyers, email signature and social media .  

Your online customers can view your online catalog 24/7 and also get special offers and discounts if you choose to use Avon's New Online Promotion Tool

Ok, Team Beauties,  I hope this clears up any confusion about Rep Delivery vs. Direct Delivery and helped you locate your online orders. 

More Info About Your Online Store

For more info on how your online store works like how you get paid and other features offered, feel free to check out the following pages over my Online Beauty Bosses Blog.