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How Does Avon KickStart Work For New Avon Reps?

In today's video we're going to talk about the Avon KickStart incentive.

​We go over:

  • ​​​​How to earn $1000 with the KickStart incentive.
  • ​Who's eligible and how it works. .
  • ​How ​to get a $50 Bonus with KickStart.
  • ​What ​products are included for the 40% KickStart discount
  • Easy suggestions on how to make the KickStart goals

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Hello Team Beauties,

 This incentive is for new Representatives to help them grow their business in the first seven campaigns now the KickStart incentive is optional you don't have to follow it but the whole idea of the KickStart is to help you to start making goals.

If you have a goal it's easier to  keep focused on the tasks that you have to do to meet that goal.


So with the KickStart the way it works, as a new Avon Representative, on your very first campaign, when you place an order, you'll automatically get 40% commission or discount.  You'll get a 40% discount on your personal order and 40% commission on your customer orders.   That's guaranteed, there's no minimum, there's no maximum, it doesn't matter how much you place or how much your order is.

The discount does not apply to brochures or sales tools like, samples and bags,  it only applies to the items purchased from the brochure.  ​It also includes home and fashion, which typically, these items ​fall under the fixed earnings categories,  which ​you typically get 20% commission.   But on the KickStart program,  on your very first order you're guaranteed 40% on everything in the brochure ​and these items as well.

And then as you continue to grow in your business and you meet ​your KickStart goals,  you can continue getting 40%.   So let's take a look at KickStart program.

So the first part,  we just discussed, and that was how to get 40% on your very first order which  includes all sales on your first campaign and then you’ll continue to get 40% on  your next six campaigns when you hit your sales goals.

Everything from face-to-face sales and your online sales, from all the product  categories, you'll get 40% .


And then, in addition to that,  if you invite friends to join Avon with you, so that you can earn & learn the business together then you'll also get a  $50  bonus when they place a Qualified New Recruit order which is a $150. 

With the KickStart program,  you can earn over a $1,000 when you hit all your KickStart goals!   When you achieve all six goals and you recruit three or more qualified new recruits in your first 7 campaigns you can earn an extra $200!

So this is something that, if you really want to get your business going then following the KickStart plan can really set you in the right direction.

So let's go over the sales goals first and then we'll go over how to recruit your friends and family and anyone else who you think may enjoy getting on board.

As mentioned earlier,  with your first campaign there is no minimum.  Whatever you order on your first campaign you'll get 40% off. 

Then on your second campaign, your sales goal is a $150  includes any Demo products from your Avon What's New,  any customer orders that you have which includes brochures and sales tools and anything that you order for yourself, so getting to a $150  order is relatively easy.

And then of course, you'll get 40% off, so you're not paying for the full $150,  you're paying the discounted price or rather the wholesale price!

Then on your third campaign, your sales goal would be $200. and then every campaign there after the goal increases by $50 increments.

Now the whole idea behind the KickStart is that ​Avon  wants you to try to get into the practice of having a goal every campaign because once you hit the $400 dollar sales goal which is on the seventh campaign,  if you can consistently place a $400 sale every campaign then you're on track to making President's Club!

Achieving President's Club level in sales allows you a 40% discount all the time regardless of the sales placed in the campaign, you're guaranteed the 40%. 

So if you want to grow your Avon business then reaching Presidents Club be your goal as you working on growing your business. To get to President's Club it requires about a $400 in sales campaign.

That's the whole idea behind the KickStart program.  So if you can make your sales goals  and increase by $50  every campaign then you would be on the right track.


Now let's talk about sharing the Avon opportunity.  You'll receive $50 for every qualified new recruit who joins Avon.   A qualified new recruit is someone who places their first or second order and the order is $150 or more.

So if your new Avon recruit places $150 order in their first or second campaign that you will get a $50 and if you share the Avon opportunity with three or more people, plus you meet ALL your KickStart goals then you'll get $1,000 in commissions and bonuses combined!!  So that's really something to shoot for!  


Now let's talk about that first $150 order.  For my team, my new Representatives who are in my first generation, I offer a special welcome gift for those who place their first $150 order!  

It’s my way of welcoming you to Avon and for meeting your goal.  So if you place a $150 order on your second campaign not only are you making your KickStart goal but you'll also receive a free gift from me valued at $50 or more.

​To do that let's talk about how you can get to that $150 dollars.  As mentioned it includes demo products, it includes brochures and sales tools plus your own purchases and your customers.  And that $150 is ​the retail value of your order but you're going paying the discounted price when ​that forty percent​ discount is applied.

So this is what Avon suggests to help you get to that $150 goal.  They suggest taking advantage of the ​Avon Best of Beauty Sets.  Now these sets have replaced the Daily Care Bundle mentioned in the video but it's the same concept.

Avon Customer Intro Set

​Now these bundles are only for new Avon Representatives and their customers and it's available to them in the first seven campaigns.  This is a really great offer because if these products ​were to be purchased separately ​they value at $​52 and $124.  But these sets are available for only $25 & $50 to help you get started in growing your Avon business.

So having some bundles on hand for your new customers will make the offer more attractive because they can have it immediately.  If you purchase eight of these bundles that takes care of the $150 second order goal because eight bundles at $19.99 adds up to $160.

But  if you're placing your own personal order in addition to some customer orders and you find yourself short of you goal then all you have to do is purchase a few bundles to help you meet your goal.

Now here’s something that you might find interesting. 

Avon discovered ​when New Avon Representatives sell at least one Daily Care Bundle in their first four campaigns are:

77%  more likely to have higher sales

55% more likely to be an active representative

20% more likely to achieve President's Club

So take advantage of the ​Customer Intro Sets!  They're a great value and it’s  only available to you for the first seven campaigns. 

You’ll  find the ​Best of Beauty ​Flyers plus the KickStart Flyers at the bottom of this page. 

And also,  keep in mind that when you place your $150 order whether it's your first or second campaign then you're off to a great start and I'll also be sending you a welcome gift as well!

If you have any questions feel free to leave your comment below or If your on my team you can contact me directly..

Happy Selling!

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