How To Get Sales With Avon Promotions


Did you know you can create exclusive special offers for your Avon Customers?

Over at your Avon Dashboard you'll find the Avon Promotion Tool.  With this tool you can create special offers for your online customers from Free Shipping, 10% Off Discounts to Free Samples & Gifts.  

Promotions can help bring in new customers and help motivate current customer to make a purchase.

To locate the Promo Tool just log into your Avon Now Dashboard > MANAGE BUSINESS > PROMOTION TOOL

How to access the Avon Promo Tool

How To Use The Avon Promo Tool

Using the tool will take some getting used to and will require some planning on your part.  To start, I recommend going over all the training Avon has provided as well as the additional training I offer my team.  Just scroll down this page to find all your Promo Tool Resources.

Avon Promo Tool Webinar:


Viewing the Avon webinar is the first place you'll want to start.  This training will give a good overview on how the Promo Tool Works.  When you click the link you'll need to register first before gaining access to the replay video. These resources can also be found over at Avon U through your Avon Now Dashboard

Avon U Training:

You'll need to sign into your Avon account first before viewing the Avon training.

Avon U Training Downloads:

How To Create An Avon Promotion:

Click video for a short step-by-step walkthru

Additional  Training 

The following resources are my own personal training provided for Avon Reps.

In this video you'll get tips on how to plan and share your Avon Promotions.

In this video you'll get tips on how to estimate costs associated with your Avon Promotions.

Here are some key things to keep in mind about Avon's Promo Tool:

  • Customers need to already be in your Avon address book along with their email before sending them an offer.
  • You need to create the offer first and then select the customers you'd like the offer to be sent to.
  • As long as the offer is created by 12 Eastern /9 Pacific your customers will receive the offer by email the next morning.
  • Customers will need to create an Avon Customer Account at your online store and sign into the account in order for the code to work. If they aren't signed in the code will show "Inactive"
  • Once you create a promo code,  you can add additional customers after it’s been created.
  • Some of the offers will come at a cost and be taken out of your commission like the Free Shipping and 10% Off offers.
  • Free Gifts and Samples usually do not come at a cost (doesn't come out of your commission)

Ok Team Beauties, I hope this helps get you started and of course if you have additional questions just give me a holler

Dianne Hernandez - Ind. Avon Representative / Avon Advisor

Text : (562) 967-1473