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Just wanted to fill you in on Avon's current incentives!  Avon incentives are always exciting and can give you a boost to get started.  Whether it's a short-term goal like placing your first Avon order, or a long-term goal like earning an Avon Trip, these incentives are offered to not only reward and celebrate your achievements but in the process will also help grow your Avon business.  

So with that said,  here are the most current incentives Avon has recently announced.

Pathway to Premier

For New Representatives thru their first 8 Campaigns

Earn Extra Cash $$ Bonuses For Just Growing Your Business

Avon Pathway To Premier Incentive With Free Sign Up

Incentive:   Pathway to Premier. 

Reward:  Cash Bonuses & Gifts

Cash Bonus #1
Earn an extra $20 for every $200 in sales you achieve within a campaign (2 weeks).

Cash Bonus #2
Earn an extra $50 bonus when you reach $500 in cumulative sales during your first 8 campaigns (16 weeks).

Cash Bonus #3 -
Earn an extra 10% bonus for every $1,000 in cumulative sales during your first 8 campaigns (16 weeks).

FREE Business Tools
When you reach $500 in sales thru your first 8 Campaigns Avon will send you 50 Lip Balms to use as either gifts for your customers or to sell.  YOU DECIDE how you use them to grow your business!

And when you reach $1000 in sales you'll get 100 Lip Balms to use anyway you like to grow your business!

Only new representatives can participate in the Pathway To Premier Incentive.  This incentive helps you set goals to achieve Avon's first sales milestone "Premier Level" .   Premier Level representative earn 30% commissions when they achieve $5,000 in sales.  

Dates:  First consecutive 8 campaigns starting with your first campaign order.

Level of Difficulty:

Tips on How To Achieve This Incentive:

Work your Avon Business!  Set time aside to reach out to new customers every campaign.  Follow up is super important, so make sure to remind customers by email or text before the campaign ends to place their order.

Start building your customer contact list now!  Whether they have purchased or not, the larger your list the better.  Contact everyone on this list at the beginning of every campaign letting them know the brochure is out along with a link to your online brochure.  You'll also want to send a last call email or text before the campaign ends again with the link to your online store or catalog.    

Tip #1  Share Your Online Store With Offline Customers

Tip #2  Share Your Online Store Special Offers By Text or Email  

Tip #3  Use Social Media to Promote You're Special Online Offers

* To reach Premier Level ($5000) within a 26 campaign cycle, reps need an average of $200  in sales every campaign.  

Avon Rewards


Incentive:   Avon Rewards & Recognition

Reward:   Reward yourself as you achieve Avon milestones with amazing gifts of your choice

Details:   Flyer  | Avon Awards Page

All representatives will get rewarded for achieving Avon milestones!  From sales, leadership ranks and even Avon Anniversaries!  When you achieve an Avon milestone Avon will send you an email with a link to Avon's Reward Portal .  There you'll have the opportunity to select a gift of your choice!  

This is what new Representative can earn in their first year:

First Year Recognition for New Representatives  

  • First customer online order over $60
  • 3 consecutive campaigns over $150
  • Reach $2,500 in Award Sales in their first 26-campaign cycle
  • Reach $5,000 in Award Sales in their first 26-campaign cycle (Rising Star)
  • One year Avon Anniversary

Dates:  Beginning when you place your 1st order with Avon.

Level of Difficulty:

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