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​Hello Team Beauties!

Just wanted to fill you in Avon's current incentives!  Avon incentives are always exciting and can often give you that extra motivation to set goals and make a plan.  Whether it's a short-term or long-term goal these incentives are offered with the main outcome to grow your Avon business.  

So with that said,  here are the most current incentives Avon has recently announced.

High Five Online Incentive

Avon High Five Online

​Start growing your online business and get rewarded at the same time!

​Incentive:   ​High Five Online

Reward:   Earn a $25 Cash Bonus for every Five $50 online orders through your Avon eStore.

Details:​  Flyer  | ​Guide

​​All representatives can participate in the High Five Online Incentive whether you're brand new or have been ​with Avon for awhile.  There is NO LIMIT to the $25 cash bonuses you can receive!

Dates:  ​March 1, 2019 thru ​March 31, 2019

Level of Difficulty: ​

Tips on How To Achieve This Incentive:

You may not know this about me  (your Avon Mentor),  but my Avon business is run exclusively online and I've achieved National Top Seller status solely through my online sales!   So the tips I'm about to ​share with you are some of the basic methods I use to promote my Avon Online Store!  

I m​ay have already shared some of these tips with ​you, but the important thing to keep in mind as you're going thru them is ​to not just ​read them, but to ​also ​take the time to take action and implement them as well.  ​Following through consistently will make ​a difference​ and help you acheive the ​results you're looking for.

Tip #1  ​Share Your ​eStore ​With Offline Customers

​​Tip #2  ​Share Your Online Store & Special Offers By Text or Email  ​

​Tip #3  Use Social Media to Promote You're Special Online Offers

​Double Dollars Online​


​Your Fast-Track To Presidents Club!

​Incentive:   Double Dollars ​Online

Reward:   Get Double Dollars on ​"unique" online customer orders. ​ ​

Details:   Flyer  | Guide

Dates:  ​Campaign 2 through Campaign 17  (​12/26​/18 thru ​08/06/19)

Level of Difficulty: ​

Tips on How To Achieve This Incentive:

So what are Double Dollars?  Avon Double Dollars help you achieve milestone sales levels.  The additional Double Dollar "points" help you get to the President Club levels faster so you can start earning 40% Commissions.  This is when you will really start earning with your Avon Business!

This is an amazing opportunity to start growing your Avon Online Sales and at the same time get on the fast track to Presidents Club.  

Keep in mind, Double Dollars does not mean double commissions it's  just a boost to help you reach the higher sales levels goal of President's Club.

​​Tip #1  Watch This Video On How To Grow ​Your Avon Online Sales

​Tip #2  Continue Learning & Take Action

Tip #3  Allow Yourself Enough Time To Succeed

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