How To Share The Avon Catalog When You Don’t Have Brochures!

How to share your Avon Brochures When You Have No Catalogs

Hello Team Beauties, if you every find yourself short or without brochures for the current campaign, there are a couple work-arounds you can do.

Though your customer may prefer an actual catalog the following tips will still allow you to reach out to them and hopefully result in a sale.

You can let customers know you’re in between brochures but they can still view the current sales for that campaign. Then you can choose your method of choice.

1) Share The Brochure At Your Online Store

You can share the link by text, email & on Social Media. Your online catalog automatically updates to the current campaign. Customers can “Click & Shop” anytime and conveniently place their own orders and have it shipped to them directly.

Just visit your Avon Online Store either on desktop or your mobile browser (images shown here are from desktop). You’ll also want to make sure you’re at your own Avon store and not someone else's, believe it or not this happens with newer reps!   Here’s how to share our online brochure:

Click the “DIGITAL CATALOG” link over at your online store.


Copy the link at the top of your browser 


2) Share the Downloadable Brochure File

For your local customers who prefer personal delivery you can email the brochure file as an attachment or share the link by text so they can download it and view offline. Then they can contact you for their order.

This is the link to share for the current Holiday C24/2020 brochure file:

Just copy and share the link. For future campaigns you can visit our Team Updates & Campaign Highlights page and download from there.


Well, I hope this helps and if you have questions or need help just leave your comments below.

Dianne Hernandez - Ind. Avon Representative / Avon Mentor

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