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Ready to Sign up to Sell Avon?  Great!!! It’s about time LOL 🙂  .  I know it’s been on your mind because before I became a rep, it was on mine for a while  too, before I actually took the plunge.  Now, here I am several years later talking to you about joining to sell Avon.


Because it’s been such a rewarding journey for me I know it can be a wonderful experience for you.  Imagine running your own beauty business.  One that you promote selling Avon products you’ll love using as do many others.  It can’t get any easier.


Well, maybe not that easy but you get the idea.  It’s a product that many love and are using daily so why not have them buy it from you, right?  As well as from others Avon representatives you bring on to your team.  Yes, the income you will receive from your new business venture can consist of both your sales and signing up others to sell Avon too.


So, now let me share with you the outstanding Avon benefits you can expect



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Benefits of Selling Avon

You will get free unlimited training and support when you sign up.  Avon provides great training on their website with videos, helpful sales meetings, and of course I will also offer you the support you need to get your business off to a good start.


Passive income Once you sign up to sell Avon products and establish a customer base or become an established leader by signing up others to become representatives then you can have a steady flow of passive income. Even if you are taking some time off, you can still be earning.


Avon Discounts As an Avon rep, you will get discounts and a low shipping fee.  This is great when you want to get gifts for the holidays and birthdays. You’re also offered special deals exclusive to Avon representatives as well as special incentives.


Avon Incentives & Rewards Another advantage of selling Avon is the incentives. If you sell a certain amount within a determined time or bring on others to join your team, you are going to receive some excellent incentives and rewards. There are incentives all throughout the year, so you regularly have an opportunity to earn many rewards.  These incentives will help inspire you to set targets and strive to achieve your  goals.  Rewards from Avon can include electronics, household appliances, bonus checks, paid vacations, beauty & makeup products, recognition, generous commission structure and much more.


Can You Sell Avon Online Just like you would Face to Face? Yep, you have the advantage in this day and age to “sell Avon online” but only if you want to.  If you feel comfortable in front of your computer and if you have some basic internet skills then this could be right up your alley.  It’s a great way to earn by “selling Avon from home” while being social online at the same time.


What About Avon Scholarships

Yes, Avon even offers scholarships for their Representatives, children and grandchildren!


As you can tell, the benefits of selling Avon are all there for you to take advantage of and all for only $30.00 to start which includes a “Free Gift”.   All you need to do now is just sign up to sell Avon.


How does this all sound so far?  Are you ready to join the Avon Family?



About the author, Dianne Hernandez

Hi, I'm Dianne Hernandez, Ive been an Avon Representative since 2010 and a National Top seller specializing in online sales through my Avon Representative eStore.

I'd love to share the tips & strategies that have helped me grow my business and answer any questions you may have. So let's get acquainted and let's connect :)
For questions on Becoming An Avon Representative you can contact me at or text or call me at (562) 967-1473.
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