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How To Promote Your Avon Brochure

​VIDEO 1:  How To Promote Your Avon Brochure –For Avon Reps

You’re Avon Brochure is the most important Sales Tool you have.  It’s basically your entire department store!  So the more you distribute the more exposure you’ll get, which could help you get more customers and more sales!

In this video we talk about:

  • ​How to share Your Avon Brochure
  • ​​How to prep brochures for the new campaign.
  • ​How to get customer contact info
  • ​How many Avon Brochures to order when your just starting out
  • ​And Avon Brochure pricing

​Download Your Avon Customer Order Forms and Brochure Labels Here:

​Avon Brochure Pricing List

​VIDEO 2:  What Avon Reps Should Know About The Avon What’s New & Outlet Flyers

In this 2nd video of the Avon Brochure series we’ll talk about the three other catalogs Avon offers in addition to the  Avon Brochure and how to get the most out of them.

​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​How To Promote The Avon Outlet
  • ​What you’ll find in the Avon Campaign Flyers
  • ​​How to take advantage of your Avon What’s New catalog.

​VIDEO 3:   How To Order Avon Brochures & Backorder From Past Campaigns – For Avon Reps

​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​Avon Campaign Due Dates
  • ​How to read the Avon Campaign Schedule
  • ​​The Best time so start promoting your brochures for the new campaign..
  • ​How to Backorder from past brochures
  • ​How to Order brochures for the upcoming campaign

​Download Your Avon Campaign Schedule Here

Avon Brochure Pricing List

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