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How To Become An Avon Representative

How to Become An Avon Rep


How To Become An Avon Representative?  Your new journey starts here….

So, is this the year you will move forward to be your own boss and become an Avon representative?  If so, your timing couldn’t be any better to turn your passion for beauty and earnings into an excellent business opportunity for yourself.


Back in 2010 when I joined Avon I was so excited about the possibilities and now seeing how Avon has evolved with the times I would take the leap again in a heartbeat.  So, if becoming an Avon sales representative has been on your mind then let me share with you why now would be a good time.   

Becoming an Avon Rep. Today has it’s Advantage

As a modern day Avon representative you will have the backing of a well- known established company that’s been around for over 130 years.  Yet, you will be promoting the latest award winning beauty products and with modern day selling tools at your disposable. 


How to become an Avon Rep


These new selling tools for Avon reps can be used to market your Avon products offline or online.   Through the online Avon University you will receive all the training you need to become an Avon salesperson and getting your business off to a good start.   


You will also find guidance on how to promote Avon products online through the various social media outlets.  This is a great new way of selling and one you can take advantage of and excel at.  As a new Avon salesperson you can count on getting valuable support through all the Avon resources as well as from myself and all while you earn. 


I know you will love being an Avon rep so much that you will want to inspire others to join Avon.  So, now let’s talk about how to sign up to become an Avon representative


It starts with your Avon appointment kit

The first step in signing up to become an Avon representative is choosing which Avon appointment kit you would like to start with.  You can select from 3 at a cost of $25, $50 or $100 and all of them come at a value worth 4x times greater to help you get started. 

Each kit it includes product samples, brochures, sales training and other reference materials you’ll need to begin selling. The training and reference materials will offer you comprehensive advice on strategies and techniques.  While, the product samples will give you first had knowledge on specific items that you can test on yourself.  This will also give you some product insight to share with your customers.  


So, don’t let this year pass you up, sign up to become an Avon rep. and start your new journey.           


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