How Much Do Avon Reps Make?


Being an Avon sales representative is not only about making income on the side, but also about having unlimited opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time mommy, student or pursuing a career, Avon offers you the chance to become your own boss and inspire others to do the same. Selling Avon has made a difference for many representatives around the world and paved the way to success without sacrificing on any of life’s other responsibilities.


Yes! What you heard is right. Avon follows one-of-a-kind business model where the independent sales representatives can work at their own pace and time. Opportunities for earning are endless and you can make money by selling products or recruiting others into the Avon Representative family. Hey, you can even do both to make the most money, and that too without leaving home.


How much do Avon Reps Make Quote

How much do Avon Reps make in commission?

Avon is perhaps the world’s largest direct selling company, and their business model demonstrates the benefits of people being their own boss. With the best commission rates that are offered by any corporation, you stand a chance to earn through the simple selling of Avon products. The following figures are the earning rates you’d be getting on your sales:


  • If you achieve  $220,000+ in annual sales you’d get 50% commission (President’s Recognition Program Level )

  • If you achieve  $40,000+  in annual sales you’d get 45% commission ( President’s Recognition Program Level )

  • If you achieve  $10,00+ in annual sales you’d get 40% commission ( President’s Recognition Program Level )

  • If your annual sales are at $ 5000+ a year you would earn  30% ( Premier Level Program)

  • If your annual sales are from  $4o to 4,999.00 a year you would earn  25% ( Contender Level )


    ***President’s Recognition Level is once you first sell $10,000 for the cycle year

    *** Fashion & Home items are fixed commissions either 20% for Contender & Premier Levels and  25% at the President’s Recognition Level.


By now you might be excited about joining the Avon family but also wondering how much you might be able to earn and will it be difficult.  Well, don’t worry; you don’t need to be a marketing guru or an expert salesperson to take advantage of the opportunities.  All you have to be is enthusiastic and honest about the products you’re selling and explain how they would benefit your customers.


Is selling Avon worth it?

For the several Ten’s of thousands of Avon representatives just in the U.S alone, who are earning income by selling and recruiting others, they would probably say yes. People join the Avon family for a lot of reasons though; some sell Avon to earn extra cash that they can spend on entertainment and luxuries while others do it full time as a career. It hardly matters why you chose to join Avon because, in the end, the benefits one can get from the company are the same for everyone.


When you are a part of Avon, extra incentives in the form of gifts, bonuses, prizes, and even trips would all be a part of your regular life. Plus, you also get to meet new people and participate in exciting social activities on a regular basis. So, selling Avon can absolutely be worth it!




  • Shunta stokes says:

    I would like to be a representative. The truth is I’m scared I had this on my mind for a while now but I’m so afraid of failing or not being able to make any sales.. please help me if possible do you have any suggestions

    • Hello Shunta, the nice thing about Avon is you can do it at your own pace! There are NO sales quotas or order requirements, or long term contracts.
      The only way to get over your fear is to give a try and if it doesn’t work for you I wouldn’t see it as a failure I would look at it as an experience.
      Sometimes the timing just isn’t right. I know many Avon Reps who on their 2nd, 3rd time around they became successful.

      But if you start now and apply yourself and make an effort to step out of your comfort zone you may surprise yourself how well you can do!!

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