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Avon Starter Kit – 7 Helpful Tips Before Your Kit Arrives

​Watch This Video First for Tip #1 Then  You'll Find Tips #2  ​- #7 ​Below!

​Hello Team Beauty!

​Now that you've joined Avon you're probably super excited and want to get started right away!  But there's just one thing missing, your Avon Starter Kit!  You're Avon Starter Kit includes all your Avon Brochures, Products & Samples needed to help bring in new customers so how are you going to start without it?

Well, I have some good news! You don't need your Avon Kit to get started!  ​

In this series we'll go over ​the seven things you can do now to get up and running and if you follow all the steps you'll be off to a good ​solid start.

​To begin,  you'll want to start with the above video were we'll go over the first tip. Then ​there t​ after you'll find the following tips 2 thru 7 below.   Just click each tip to reveal ​details about each video.

​T​ip #2 - Announce You're Open For Business By Text or Email

​Tip #3 Get Yourself An Exclusive Avon Email Address

​Tip #4 Create Your Avon Business Cards

​Tip #5 Create Your Free Google Listing!

​Tips #6  & #7  Take Advantage of Avon Social and Avon University

​​Recap of all 7 ​Tips You Can Do Before Your Avon Starter Kit Arrives

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