Avon Tips To Help You Get Started!

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​Hello ​New Beauty Boss!

​Now that you've joined Avon you're probably super excited and want to get started right away!  If your Avon membership ​offered ​a Free Avon Welcome Gift,  ($30 membership) ​your goodies are on their way but it will take about a week to receive it!  

If you joined Avon ​during a special promotion where a Welcome Gift wasn't included (Free membership) either way I have some good news!

You don't need ​a Starter Kit to get started!  ​

​That's right, you can get started right away regardless of having an Avon Starter Kit.  In this video series we'll go over ​the seven things you can do now to get up and running.   If you follow all the steps you'll be off to a good ​solid start.

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Tip #1 ​ How To Set Up Your Avon Online Store

In this video we talk about:

  • ​The difference between your AvonNow ​Dashboard and Your Avon Online Store.
  • How to Set Up ​Your Avon Online Store.
  • ​How to Customize your Avon Online Store and add your own personal image.

Tip #2 - Announce You're Open For Business By Text or Email

Now that you've set up & customized your online store you're ready to announce you're open for business.
In this video we talk about:

  • ​How to set up your Avon Online Store
  • ​​How to share the link to your Avon Online Store
  • How ​to share the link to your Avon eBrochure.
  • How to share Avon's  WELCOME10 promo code for new online customers

​Download ​Images For Social Media and to Text & Email

​Tip #3 Get Yourself An Exclusive Avon Email Address

​​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​​The importance of having an exclusive email for your Avon Business
  • How ​​to update your email preferences over ​at your Avon Dashboard.
  • ​​How ​to ​stay in the loop with Avon and Account Information

​Tip #4 Create Your Avon Business Cards

​​Now that you have your exclusive Avon email address, you can start sharing it with potential customers and also share it on your Avon Business cards.  

​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​​​A budget friendly way to create your Avon business cards with Avery Templates.
  • ​How to ​access Avon's partner company, Town & Country for Avon branded  products and business tools

UPDATE: February 2020 Since this ​video was created:

1)  Avon took down the Avery Template link from the Avon Dashboard.  You access the AVON Avery Templates over at this link: ​ www.avery.com​/avon

2) Town & Country is no longer an Avon Partner. For affordable custom business cards you can use VistaPrint.com . They are not an Avon partner but they do have great prices!

Tip #5 Create Your Free Google Listing!

​​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​​​​How to get more exposure ​and new customers  outside your immediate circle!
  • ​​How-To Create Your Google My Business listing​

Tips #6  & #7  Take Advantage of Avon Social and Avon University

​​​As you adjust to your Avon Business Routine, if you include this ​last two tips regularly and consistently do them,  they will help grow your business and your knowledge.  

​In this video we talk about:

  • ​​​​​How  to access Avon's exclusive social media app, Avon Social
  • ​How to get the most out of you Avon Business through Avon Training at Avon U

​​Recap of all 7 ​Tips You Can Do ​To Get Started Immediatley 

​In this Video we Recap all 7 Steps in the Avon Getting Started series!  Working on these tips ​will ​set you up for success!


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