If lucrative earnings and opportunities interest you then becoming an Independent Avon representative can be right up your alley.

Many representatives throughout the U.S are already receiving top commissions selling a variety of well-known Avon products as a positive source of income for themselves.

The best part of being a representative for Avon is that there is no pressure for making sales nor is there a need to answer to any superior.

This one-of-a-kind business model lets people be their own boss and work at their convenience. You can say goodbye to fixed hours and make money whenever you want by earning a generous commission scale.


Avon commission chart

When you sign up to be an Avon representative, you have the opportunity to make the following commission rates on your sales:

  • For annual sales under $5,000 you get a commission of 25%
  • For annual sales of $ 5,000+  you’ll receive 30% commission
  • For annual sales of $10,000+ you’d be given a  commission of 40%
  • For annual sales of $35,000+ the commission percentage is 45%
  • For annual sales of $220, 000+ you get a commission of 50%




Avon commission structure

Avon is perhaps the world’s only beauty and cosmetic company that is so dedicated to empowering lives of their representatives. The commission structure is the best in the business and offers unlimited earning potential to those who are dedicated enough. But, your chance to make big bucks doesn’t start and end with direct sales. In fact, Avon also pays you to be a leader and help change lives of others.

Avon allows representatives to recruit others to their team, who are considered as your down line. By being a leader, you can earn 3% up to 10% commission on your down line sales for the first generation, meaning the new representatives that have signed up directly with you.

You can also get an additional commission from the representatives who sign up with your first generation. You can have a total of three generations as a part of your down line team.


Extra incentive and bonuses

Apart from the high paying commission structure and additional earnings through downline sales,  Being a part of the Avon family, you could  also be eligible for many incentives such as gifts, reward points and opportunities to win trips.  Doesn’t this sound exciting?


Being an Avon representative will also open multiple avenues of self-fulfillment and growth because you’ll get to meet various people from all walks of life on a regular basis. You can engage in exciting social activities, develop relationships, and help people become the best version of themselves. If all these prospects excite you, then it’s time you take the next step and begin your journey as an Avon representative.


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