How To Place Your First Avon Order For Avon Reps

Introduction: How To Place Your First Avon Order 

In this video we talk about:

  • Key things to keep in mind about the Avon Order process and how it works.
  • ​​Plus everything we'll be covering in this video series.

How To Add Your Personal Avon Order

In this video we talk about:

  • ​How to order Avon Business Tools
  • ​How to  order ​Avon Demos: ​
  • ​How to order Avon Samples
  • ​How to order Future Avon Brochures

​* ​UPDATE 2020: The Kickstart Incentive Mentioned in the video is no longer in effect.  It has been replaced with Avon's current Pathway To Premier incentive.​​

​*A Side Note About Avon Business Tools

Avon demos & Business tools

When you're placing your Avon order you'll also want to ​order your Avon Business tools.  These items would include your bags, call back notes, samples, demos and brochures. ​ Although you won't receive a commission (discount) on these items they do count towards your ​total campaign order along with your personal & customer sales.  Here are some important things to keep in mind​:

Avon Brochures:
As mentioned in a previous training, your Avon Brochure is considered your entire store and one of the most important business tools you have.  You should order your brochures at least 2 campaigns in advance.  This will give Avon time to ship them,and for you to pass them out.   

Ordering brochures that coincide with newest What's New Demo book is a good way to determine which campaigns to purchase.

Although a campaign runs for only 2 weeks, the brochure corresponding with the campaign is good for 4 weeks ​AS you can backorder from 1 campaign back.

Avon Demos: 
You'll have the opportunity to purchase products debuting in future campaigns from Avon's "What's New" demo book.  You can order 2 of each product including different colors, sizes etc.


Avon Demos:  UPDATE As of Jan 2020:
​Avon has changed the demo pricing.  Demos are based on a representative's commission which for new reps ​is ​currently at 25% discount.  

How To Add Your Avon Customer Orders

In this video we talk about:

  • ​How to add ​your customer orders.
  • How to order by product number​.
  • ​​How to order by brochure
  • ​How to order by item

IMPORTANT AVON UPDATE: May 2020 (Click to View)

As of the above video, Avon changed their Navigation Menu around.  You can now find the b​​rochure mentioned in the video ​under the "BROWSE PRODUCTS" tab over at your Avon Now dashboard.

View Original Avon Brochure

How To Submit Your Order To Avon

In this video we talk about:

  • ​How to ​SUBMIT your​ order to Avon ​after you add your personal & customer items
  • ​Avon Issued Credit and No Credit
  • ​When your Avon payment is due.